Keeping it general to overcome the “lack”

monks-1077839__480The law of attraction requires you to change thought patterns and focus on your desires to manifest.

When you busy focusing on the desire, the fact that you do not have your desire may overwhelm the actual desire.

For instance if you want to find a mate, your sense of loneliness may be more powerful than the wanting to find a mate. Unknowingly you could be attracting the one thing you do not want more of, the feeling of loneliness. 

So how do you overcome this?

If thinking about what you desire makes you depressed, then stop. Distract yourself. Go for a walk, meditate, feed the dog. 

Keep it general. When you are specific this can make you feel worse because you are detailing everything you want and reminding your self of what you do not have.

For example I could say ” I want a job promotion so I can buy a new car that I saw in the paper and a new house that is bigger and in a safer neighborhood.”

Now you just reminding yourself about the shiney new car you can not afford and the tiny apartment you live in now.

You could keep it simple by saying ” I want to progress further in my current job”

This statement is not reminding you of all you lacking.

It is general. So any emotions about how you feel now that you do not have want you want is not reinforced.



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