Expectation to achieve your desires

Expectation to achieve your desires

We are taught that dreams are just that, dreams. Expecting to much leads to dissapointment.  Always expect the worse and hope for the best.

Those are false beliefs that has been stamped on us preventing us from attaining all the universe wants to give.

When we are expecting to receive a desire we are sending out waves of positive energy.

Expectation brings positivity

As a child we expected gifts on Christmas so we were joyful and excited the day before at what awaits us.

Did that feel good? Of course.

The expectation felt as good as opening the gifts on Christmas.

The universe has amazing gifts that awaits us as soon as we get with the program and allow it to come to us.

 Get excited have fun. What you desire is already in your path.

Take it for granted that your wish has already been granted and is awaiting your collection. 

There is no if’s, the universe is reliable. Expect to receive. Expect it and you will receive it


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