3 simple ways to defeat depression

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When you are deeply depressed it is so easy to say ” snap out of it” or ” be positive” but it is not.

It may be exhausting just to get out of bed and extremely difficult to think about anything other than the dark cloud that envelops you.

But these processes has helped me immensely and does so everyday:

1. Guided Meditation:  this is where you listen to a person guide you through the meditation. They will tell you what to imagine and do. You just follow. This form of meditation is helpful when you are depressed because you are not left alone with your thoughts.

2. Gratitude: thinking about what you have to be thankful for when you sad is a difficult but it is the small things like ” I am grateful for surviving another day” “I am grateful for my cat who keeps me company”. Keep it general. Write it down. In the beginning do it weekly finding one thing to be grateful for. And as you get used to it the process will become easier and easier.

3. Use affirmations. You may not believe what you saying in the beginning but as you repeat it, you will start to believe it. For example wake up in the morning and say ” today is a good day” making a simple statement can attract your desires and improve your mood

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