Attracting the perfect mate – How universal law can assist

Attracting the perfect mate – How universal law can assist

Many of us search for a partner to fill the loneliness or saddness we feel inside.

We envy others who are in a relationship. We want support, love, companionship.

Using the universal law of attraction you can attain this.

Learn to love yourself and be happy alone. It is unfair to place your happiness on the shoulders of another person. You have to control your own joy irrespective of you have a partner or not. 

Universe gives you what you vibrate. So if you are lonely or dwelling on the fact that you have no one the universe will “give” you no one.

Get into alignment first before seeking a partner.Certain people who find a partner without alignment maybe happy at first. Things will go well because both partners are full of expectation and excitement. But as you get to know each other initial happy feelings of expectation fades. Reality kicks in and it’s downhill from there. 

If you are negative you will find a person just as negative.When you are sad or depressed the universe gives you someone just as depressed as you.  then left with two unhappy people who are relying on each other to be happy but how can you make another person happy when you yourself are not. 

Focus on the positive. How a new partner will make you feel. Imagine how your life would be and the joy you feel will find experience. Sure as the sun rises you will attract someone that is your ideal mate

Look for a person who enhances your alignment not hold you back



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