What is Deliberate creation

What is Deliberate creation

We are all creators so why not use our powers of creation to manifest what we desire.

Deliberate creation means creating an intent of what you desire and allowing it to become into reality.

Make a list of all that you want

Use positive words. Avoid words such as no or don’t

Read your list daily to bring positive attention to what you desire.

Create a vision board, using pictures to express what you desire.

Avoid focusing on the lack of the thing you desire when reading your list.

Create positive emotions

A good place would be to pin your list to the fridge or a bedroom mirror so everytime you about to open the fridge or look in the mirror you will be reminded of all the joy that awaits you when you create what you want.

You are in control, whatever good or bad that happens is a direct result of your thoughts and emotions.

For deliberate creation you have to focus on feelings.

How would you feel getting what you want. Happy, joy, pleasure?

Forget the negative and create your reality

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