Unhelpful beliefs

Beliefs are taught to us by society, or parents and teachers.

It is imprinted on us as we grow up and reach adulthood.

I was taught never to chew gum because it ” spoils your speech” my mum used to say.

Of course there is no factual information to support this happens to every person but because she just didn’t like gum she made me believe it was bad.

The belief that I would will not be able to speak if I chew gum  was imprinted on me but it is in my ability to change the belief.

We were taught:

“you work hard and you can get what you want.

You have no control and you accept what you are given

Bad things happen to good people

You cannot have it all in life so cherish the good and accept the bad. ”


You are the master of your world.

You can have it all, the universe wants to give you everything you want.

You do not have to work hard because when you are in alignment with source your inspired actions do not feel like work at all.

Ways to change your beliefs include:

Hypnotherapy is getting into a therapeutic state of altered consciousness and changing beliefs and attitudes using suggestions given to you by the therapist.

You are completely in control and aware of your surroundings. After the session you feel relaxed and rejuvenated

Affirmations reprogram our current thought patterns using positive repeated statements

Discredit the belief with factual information and understand why the old belief was not serving you.

Replace the old belief with a new one.

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