The ego

Sometimes we ask for things but do not have real faith, it will come true.

Have you heard the line” don’t make your problems, my problems” do not make the role of the universe and source  your burden.

You question how it will happen, how will the universe get me to quit my job when I have so many bills to pay or how will I buy that new fancy car i desperately want that is so unaffordable for my budget.

Well our job is not to ask how. Source said that anything we ask for we will get.

How it decides to make it happen is not a worry that is ours to carry.

You play your role of intention, getting aligned and allowing.

Reassurances and promises that we will get what we want is the voice of ego inside us.

The voice that wants reason and step by step plan as to how it will be achieved

The ego wants to control you and when ever you start having faith or hope it tries to pull you back in like a suction cup.

So how do you know when it’s ego talking or you are being inspired :

Ego will always bring to down.

Caution you not to get to excited

Make you anxious and fearful.

It will make you feel unworthy of receiving abundance

You will feel alone, depressed, unloved.

When you are speaking to source, angels or your high self :

You feel happy.

They never use negative words.

Their words are always from a place of love and positive.

There is no fear of the unknown.

Their message is calming and reassuring.

when are in a higher vibration and feeling so good your true desire is illuminated.

In that alignment you get clarity and in clarity anything is possible and all unfolds in perfect harmony.

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