Mantra’s in meditation

A mantra is sound that helps us connect to our higherself.
It enables us to achieve a deeper vibration which brings calmness and harmony.
In the east, sages and monks have been using mantras for thousands of years when meditating to bring upon a deeper state.
The most well known mantra is Om.
Om is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language.
It is repeated during meditation to bring about an inner peace that remains with you during the day.
Allowing you to control your negatives emotions such as anger and jealousy.
Mantras are not only used in meditation. In Indian Vedic literature it is said that chanting the name of the Lord brings you closer to him.
People use chanting beads were each mantra usually the name of the Lord is repeated as they move from one bead to the next.
A way of counting the number of times you have spoken God’s name.

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