How to meditate

Meditation is moments of stillness.
Your focus is removed from every day life and you are in a state of harmony.
Many see it as being impossible for them to practice because they cannot stop thinking about their worries and responsibilities.
As humans we cannot stop thinking and meditation does not mean you are forced to stop thinking.
Thoughts will come but with practice you learn to let it pass by.
To begin:
Find a quiet space
You may play soft nature sounds or specific meditation music if you choose.
Upright or laying down which ever you are comfortable with
A clear quartz crystal can assist in your meditation. You can hold it in your hand or wear it around your neck
Start to focus on your breathing. If you lose focus and your mind wanders bring it back. You can control your thoughts
Close your eyes
Take deep breaths in and visualise a golden light being inhaled as you breath in through the nose.
Exhale through your mouth visualising a grey smoke being exhaled with every breath.
Seal your aura by imagining that golden light surrounding you as if you are in a cocoon
Ask your higher self to assist you as you slowly come out of your meditative state.
If you are new to meditation consider a guided meditation. This is a recording of someone guiding you through a visualization as you meditate
Hay house publishes beautiful  meditations that are quite easy and effective in gaining a calming state.

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