Finding a soul mate

The journey to meet your spritual soulmate is one that all of us under take in our lives

We are always questioning if there is a perfect soul mate for us all.

In the universe like attracts like. So your partner would have the qualities you attracted which means it was in your vibration.

If you are single but focus only on what you are missing then you cannot find the perfect mate.

If you are unhappy and anxious you are more than likely to attract someone who is just as unhappy.

Most relationships start off well. So you believe that all is good. At the beginning you are excited and hopeful. Then you get to know each other, the excitement fades and soon your fears and unhappiness seep through.

It’s safe to say that in a feeling of unhappiness you cannot find perfection in a partner.

Your negative emotions are a magnet to your partner’s negative emotions and you are left with two unhappy people being together sharing their unhappiness.

You cannot look to find a mate to make you feel happy. It comes down to self love and being in the right space.

It is unfair to give another person the responsibility of bringing you complete happiness.

Many people are in a rush. they want immediate results which is possible.

With enough attention and strong vibration you can get it now but why make all that effort when you can relax and let the universe do its work.

You are missing out on all the fun and if you rush you will see in time what you got maybe wasn’t the best thing for you because the universe gave you what you attracted and what you attracted is not really the best for your physical and non physical being

If you can find alignment when you are alone knowing that you manifest your own life events it is most likely you will attract a partner who is in the same vibration as you which is the makings of a soul mate.

Do get into alignment before starting a relationship.

Do enjoy the process of dating

Do not expect a perfect soul mate when you are not in the right vibration

Do not expect to find your soul mate immediately and miss out on the fun times.

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