Difference between forced and inspired action


We want to act. We want to take action and get what we want right now. When we work really hard we supposed to get what we want.

We are taught blood, sweat and tears is the only way to make what we want happen.

If we place all this effort and in the end we don’t get what we want the self pity kicks in followed by blaming the universe, God, anyone we can think of.

What if life didn’t have to be so tough. What if the universe gives you what you ask for without the suffering, what if there is an easy way?

Well it’s possible with law of attraction.

Abraham teaches us that the best way to get what we want is to stop placing so much effort in getting it.

Sometimes you have to just let go and trust that source knows what you want. The intention set and your desires are on its way. Take the easy way out.

“Inspired action”  is better than forced action. Meaning get into alignment with source and you will find that paths open automatically, you get new ideas and want to take action rather than being forced into it.

Enjoy the easy path to your desires. Source wants you to have fun, laugh, be happy, what you seek is created you just have to take it. “Take the path of least resistance” Abraham says.

The only way for good results is being aligned and in the same vibration as source.

Action when aligned is much more beneficial.

Yet sometimes forced action is required say to get food on the table or pay your bills.

Just know that it is temporary and do not question as to why your actions did not give you the results you desire because you know it was not inspired. 

Abraham teaches us that action is sometimes necessary but inspired action is the only way to manifest desires

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