Art of allowing

Art of allowing can be the most powerful way to manifest what you desire.

Allowing is essentially letting the universe give you what you desire.

What you desire is what you give thought and emotions to.

After you have created the intention, matched your vibration to what you desire give the universe a chance to create it.

Be open and acknowledge that when you give an emotion to something or belief or thought the universe hears it immediately and is working for you.

It is difficult to just sit back and do nothing. But by being open to receive is just as important as creating it.

How can the universe give you the thing you want if you don’t let it in.

It is like sending invitations for a party but when the visitors arrive you block the entrance.

Say to yourself :

” I do not know how the universe will make the thing i desire happen but I know it will”

” I let go of my desire because I know the universe has created it and working for me to reach  it”

” I have done my work so I now allow what is mine to arrive with patience and love ”

“The universe has heard me so I am going to allow myself to receive it”

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